6th Vision Exhibition

2023 Exhibition results have been published

Maria, Anna Alimpieva, Finland, FIAP Gold, Monochrome Section

The awards and acceptances listing and links to galleries can be found on the Results page. Here are direct links to the awards list and gallery, and the accepted photos list and gallery.

Morninglight Woodpecker, Kieran O Mahony, AIPF, Ireland, Vision Honorable Mention, Nature Section

The Best Author of Vision 2023 (FIAP Blue Pin winner) is Kieran O Mahony, AIPF, Ireland. Congratulations!

5th Vision Exhibition

2021 exhibition results are here

We just added the results page of the 5th International Digital Exhibition Vision. Here are direct links to awardsacceptances and statistics listings.

This Is Nadia, Michael Strapec, EFIAP, LIPF, Ireland, Vision Silver – Best Children Photo, People Series

The Best Author of the exhibition (FIAP Blue Pin winner) is Michael Strapec, EFIAP, LIPF , Ireland. Congratulations!

In the rain of tears, Michael Strapec, EFIAP, LIPF, Ireland, AFCC Honourable Mention, Monochrome Series
4th Vision Exhibition

Results have been published

We just added the results page with links to awards and acceptances listings. We have also included statistics about the numbers of authors and images by country.

Easy rider, Marc Sabat, Finland
VISION Silver Medal – The Best Portrait, Colour Series

The Best Author and FIAP Blue Pin winner is Marc Sabat, Finland. Congratulations!

Kiss me, Marc Sabat, Finland
VISION Silver Medal – The Best Portrait, Monochrome Series