4th Vision Exhibition

Welcome to the exhibition!

Maya, Marc Sabat, Finland
FIAP Silver Medal, People Series

The opening ceremony will start on Wednesday February 19, 2020 at 6:00 pm in the main library of Ylöjärvi, address Koivumäentie 2, Ylöjärvi, Finland. We wish that the participants report themselves by February 17 by email to photosalon.vision@gmail.com.

After the opening ceremony, the exhibition will be open during the opening hours of the library until February 28, 2020.

Näyttelyn avajaiset alkavat Ylöjärven pääkirjasto Leijassa ( Koivumäentie 2, Ylöjärvi) keskiviikkona 19.2.2020 klo 18:00. Osallistujilta toivotaan ennakkoilmoittautumista sähköpostitse osoitteeseen photosalon.vision@gmail.com.

Avajaisten jälkeen näyttely on avoinna kirjaston aukioloaikoina 28.2.2020 asti.

4th Vision Exhibition

Results have been published

We just added the results page with links to awards and acceptances listings. We have also included statistics about the numbers of authors and images by country.

Easy rider, Marc Sabat, Finland
VISION Silver Medal – The Best Portrait, Colour Series

The Best Author and FIAP Blue Pin winner is Marc Sabat, Finland. Congratulations!

Kiss me, Marc Sabat, Finland
VISION Silver Medal – The Best Portrait, Monochrome Series
4th Vision Exhibition

We are sorry!

The judging of the 4th International Digital Exhibition Vision is complete and the score cards have been sent. Unfortunately some score cards have false scores in the Colour Section. This is caused by a program error on our server.

The cards in question have photos with 23 points or 24 points, but the correct scores are 11 points (not accepted) and 12 points (accepted) correspondingly. We are sorry for the inconvenience!

Anyway, congratulations for all the awards and acceptances! The results will be published soon.

EDIT: It appears that not all emails have reached the recipients. We’ll try to get the results online as soon as possible.