2 thoughts on “2021 Exhibition Rules Published”

  1. Hello, I am trying to upload, then the request cam to change the horizontal image to 1100 maximum, which is not the format of most of my images. To change them takes away from the composition.
    Is the requirement of max. 1100 height in all categories??

    Besides I tried to Log On with the given password and it won’t allow me to enter anymore. I would appreciate your advise and answer on both topics. Thanks

    1. The maximum image height is 1080 pixels. Note that while the maximum width is 1920 pixels, your image can be of any width up to that, so it doesn’t affect the composition. If your image has an aspect ratio of 16:9, you can use both the maximum width and the maximum height. In case your image has a wider aspect ratio than 16:9, use a lower height and the maximum height, if narrower, use the maximum height and a narrower width.
      I can’t answer the question about problems about logging in, other than trying resetting the password. I’ll pass the question on to the admins of the photoportal.

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