4th International Digital Exhibition Vision 2020

Download complete rules here (PDF file). Below is a brief summary of the main points of the conditions of entry.


Photo Club Vision, Finland


  • FIAP 2020/034
  • PSA 2020-037
  • AFCC 2020/002
  • GPU L200011
  • NFFF 2020/03


  • A. Open Colour (colour digital) FIAP and PSA PID-C
  • B. Open Monochrome (monochrome digital) FIAP and PSA PID-M
  • C. People (colour/monochrome digital) FIAP and PSA PID-C

Entry fee

1-3 sections – 30 EUR (35 USD)

Payments only via Paypal


Uploading14th December, 2019 – 4th February, 2020
Judging8th – 9th February, 2020
Notification:14th February, 2020
Opening of Exhibition:19th February, 2020
Non-stop show:19th – 28th February, 2020
Sending of catalogues:25th March, 2020


Best author of Exhibition: FIAP Blue Pin
3 FIAP Gold, 3 FIAP Silver, 3 FIAP Bronze, 9 FIAP Honorable Mentions
3 PSA Gold, 3 PSA Silver, 3 PSA Bronze, 9 PSA Ribbons
3 GPU Gold, 3 GPU Silver, 3 GPU Bonze, 9 GPU Honorable Mentions
3 NFFF Gold, 3 NFFF Silver, 3 NFFF Bronze, 9 NFFF Honorable Mentions
3 AFCC Gold, 3 AFCC Silver, 3 AFCC Bronze, 9 AFCC Honorable Mentions
3 Vision Gold, 3 Vision Silver, 3 Vision Bronze, 15 Vision Honorable Mentions
(Note: – Open Colour and Open Monochrome sections: Vision Gold to The
strongest individual photo, Vision Silver to The Best Portrait, Vision Bronze to The Best Friendship photo. – Theme Section PEOPLE: Vision Gold to The Best Street life photo, Vision Silver to The Best Children photo, Vision Bronze to The Best Friendship photo.)


  • Elisa Putti, EFIAP/s, Finland
  • Johanna Lyömilä, EFIAP, Finland
  • Ivan Doloudine, photographer, Russia
  • Alternate: Ilkka Valkila, EFIAP, Finland


Leena-Maija Lindqvist (address: Kameraseura Mielikuva, Oksirinne 119, 34130 Ylinen, Finland


Eero Kukkonen


Leena-Maija Lindqvist


Image size and format

Maximum width 1920 pixels, maximum height 1080 pixels, 300 dpi

File size max. 2 MB

JPG file format, sRGB colour profile


PDF catalogue. Results will be published also on this site.

More information

Download the complete rules here (PDF file).